Platillos y tapas

Caesar croquette (unit)3€

Roasted onion omelette6€

Caliu potato omelette12€

Artichokes omelette 15€

Catalan sausage omelette with beans 16€

Grilled oyster with scrambled eggs6€

Mediterranean fritura 22€

Weekly terrine with pickles14€

Cocas and niguiris
Coca bread and traditional bread with tomato4€

Leek coca with Salva Cremasco cream cheese and

Catalan niguiri with squid and belly pork6€

Catalan niguiri of flamed sardine, aubergine and pepper5€

Catalan niguiri of tuna belly12€

Monthly proposals

Grilled artichoke flower salad with Iberian
dewlap and orange

Ganxet beans with baby squid22€

Grilled cuttlefish with stew escalivada17€

Sardine meatball with cod tripe16€

The Classics

Green beans and mashed potatoes with botifarra de perol13€

Cod brandade with green beans and raifort14€

Ragù macaroni (full portion/half portion)12€/8€

Fried eggs with botifarra de perol15€

Black buttered pickled cod with capipota 16€

Garlic & pepper steak tartar with smoked butter22€

Pierre Koffmann pig trotter19€

Cubist chicken served in two times:
Crispy thigh with alkimia fried potatoes and cannelloni (recommended for two)36€


Grilled red mullet paella24€

Nyores rice with prawn26€

Young gentelman’s of Ripoll paella22€

Black rice with cuttlefish and cargols de punxa gratin24€


Buck fillet in carpaccio with fresh leaves and hazelnut

Rustic pheasant soup with egg and thyme14€

Partridge meatball with ganxet beans18€

Partridge casserole with almonds, carrots, potatoes and artichokes26€

Roasted duck with turnips 26€

Boar cheek in rancid wine with pumpkin and quince 22€

Hare civet with sea urchins and black olives28€

Stewed roe deer with spices 24€

Main dishes (chargrilled)


Red mullet with tomato and tapenade24€

Old-fashioned cured cod accompanied by chard with garlic
and ganxet beans19€

Turbot accompanied with pil pil and a casserole of
baked potatoes

and Mountain

Ribeye Black Angus cow with aubergine, shallots, rosemary
and green pepper37€

Rubia Gallega Txuletón with a miscellany of potatoes and
(recommended for two/four people)


Ice cream3€
(check with our team the daily varieties)

Cream caramel with cream6€

Chocolate mousse6€

Spoon tiramisu9€

Catalan recuit with walnuts and honey9€

Bunyols with vanilla cream9€

Hazelnut cake9€

Daily braç de gitano9€

Citrus cup9€

Puff pastry cake with pear10€

10% of TAX included in all our prices.
Our dishes contains more ingredients that are not mentioned, we suggest to consult us in any case of personal intolerance or allergies.