petit atelier menu

Ideal when being under time constraints.
Only served for lunch time upon availability of the products.

gran atelier menu

Customized menu for the occasion. Personalized offer, prepared on the spot by Jordi Vilà, based upon your preferences.
Thought out for when you want to enjoy in style.

alkimia menu

Crustacean esqueixada with romesco, fresh herbs and lime
crustacean / alcohol / sulfites

Almond white gazpacho with prawn
crustacean / nuts

Oyster with scrambled egg and fermented plum juice
egg / mollusc / gluten

Cod brandade with green beans, pickled cauliflower and horseradish
lactose / fish

Wild fish with cim i tomba (traditional fish stew), caramelized cabbage and sea snail with pesto
fish / mollusc / lactose / sulfites

Dry razor clam suquet with hollandaise hazelnut and palo cortado
crustacean / alcohol / nuts / lactose

Sea cucumber with pig’s ear mar i muntanya, galanga’s juice and plankton
crustacean / fish

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes

Grilled lamb xisqueta, tuber melanosporum cream and cheese
lactose / nuts

Lemon verbena soup, apple sorbet and yogurt

Sponge cake stuffed with hazelnut cream and coffee ice cream
lactose / nuts

Grapefruit, mint and white chocolate

The availability of the dishes depends on the market.
Allergens list

Price in euros. 10% of TAX included in all our prices.
Our dishes contains more ingredients that are not mentioned, we suggest to consult us in any case of personal intolerance or allergies.