We delve deep into the Catalan tradition of wild game gastronomy

Hare, roe deer, fallow deer, partridge, wild boar, duck and pheasant are some of the small and big game, with long beak or flat beak, on our wild game tasting menu, always depending on the availability of our trusted suppliers.

We stew some of the pieces, grill others, and even offer some thinly sliced…

We provide full table service, exclusive and by request. We adapt to your tastes. Call us at 93 207 61 15 or send us an email at reserves@alkimia.cat The service is available throughout the entire hunting season.

An example of a Wild menu (cooked in alkimia during this hunting season) could be…

Wild menu


Artichoke filled with tuna, sea urchin and caviar

Rustic pheasant soup with egg and thyme

Alba tartufo’s Montblanc

Duck rice

Wild fish with razor’s shell cim i tomba,
artichoke and black garum romesco

Partridge casserole with
carrots, potatoes and artichokes

Roe deer stew with spices

Hare tatin

Roasted pear


Bunyols à la minute with vanilla cream

The availability of the dishes depends on the market.

Price in euros. 10% of TAX included in all our prices.
Our dishes contains more ingredients that are not mentioned, we suggest to consult us in any case of personal intolerance or allergies.