alkimia menu

Stuffed lime with seafood

Pickled chicken coca

Squid and spider crab with cold almond soup

Raw prawn suquet

Zucchini flower stuffed with cod brandada

Tuna with escalivada

Extreme Mar i muntanya

Wild catch of the day with cuttlefish and peach

Lobster with egg romesco

Nothing but rice

Suckling lamb with potato, pinions and tupí romesco

Cherries with Sakura tea and almond with amaretto ice cream

White chocolate fondant cake with passion fruit sorbet

The availability of the dishes depends on the market.

Price in euros. 10% of TAX included in all our prices.
Our dishes contains more ingredients that are not mentioned, we suggest to consult us in any case of personal intolerance or allergies.

Some culinary proposals
our seasonal
menus include

Extreme surf and turf.

Peas with cod belly.

Artichoke stuffed with tuna belly, sea urchin and caviar

Xisqueta lamb with glazed apricots.

Grilled asparagus and white gazpacho.

Grilled wild fish with Swiss chard.

Menjablanc with red berries.

Zucchini flower with baby squids.

Seafood hors d’oeuvres.

Wild rabbit tart Tatin.

Fried egg with potato and truffles.

Smoky grilled pear with lychee and lime frappe.

Grilled cuttlefish cim i tomba with olive garum.

Grilled squab with cocoa bean, nuts and honey Romesco sauce.

Green suquet with clams and plancton pil pil sauce.