Platillos & tapas

Spring cantabric Nardín anchovy (unit)3,5€

Bread with tomato4€

Baked bread with tomato alla Napolitana with anchovy5€

Roasted onion omelette6€

Caesar croquette (unit)3€

Deep fried calamari with mayonnaise12€

Catalan nigiri with tuna and sea urchin10€

Pagès catalana nigiri with dewlap and black truffle10€

Bread toast with caramelized cabagge, dewlap and black truffle12€

Monthly proposals

Nicoise salad. Confit tune homemade, green beans,
tomato, boiled egg and anchovy

Wood Pigeon terrine, walnuts, pickle and bread toast12€

Tuna tartar with sea urchin (80g)18€

Sea urchin with egg yolk and quinoa bread14€

2 roasted chiken canelloni with black truffle24€

Artichoke, broad beans and meatballs with mint18€

Green peas with chard and potatoes20€

Sirloin carpaccio with tartare sauce24€

Oxtail with cod tripe and tubers Madeleine22€

The Classics

Green beans and mashed potatoes with extra virgin olive oil9€

Cod brandade with green beans and horseradish14€

Steak tartar with garlic pepper and smoked butter22€

Ragù macaroni (full portion / half portion)12€/8€

Picasso Chicken served in two times. Very crispy with Alkimia fried potatoes
and fresh cannelloni (recomended for two, price per person)18€

Pierre Koffmann pig’s trotters19€


Grilled red mullet paella24€

Nyores (sweet red pepper) rice with prawn26€

Rice with grilled wood pigeon and black truffle28€

Main dishes (chargrilled)


Cod with Capipota with noisette butter22€

Wild Cantabric turbot with potatoes, onion and tomato35€

Cantabric red mullet with potatoes, onion and tomato24€

Other sea products (ask about it)


Caramelized sweetbread with mushrooms and pickled mushrooms18€

Eggs with white and black Perol sausage16€

Eggs with white and black Perol sausage and black truffle28€

Grilles xisqueta lamb with onion and potatoes21€

Txuletón with potatoes, roasted
pepper and aubergine and lettuce110€


Homemade ice cream and sorbet
(ice cream: vanilla, milk; sorbet: citrus, green apple with celery)3€/u

Sara cake’s with citrus sorbet9€

Torrija with coffee sorbet9€

Cream caramel with milk ice cream6€

Chocolate mousse6€


Cheesecake with green apple and celery11€

Cream millefeuille with seasonal fruit9€

Menjar blanc with seasonal fruit and cava gelée9€

Citric soufflé (20 minutes)10€

10% of TAX included in all our prices.
Our dishes contains more ingredients that are not mentioned, we suggest to consult us in any case of personal intolerance or allergies.